Virtual Venture Limited News Feed News en-gb Copyright: (c)Virtual Venture Limited 03-10-2012 0:00:00 New Statistics Report When you access Statistics from the Control Panel there is now an additional option which shows which are the most popular Product Types have been clicked... 03-10-2012 0:00:00 Android Apps Android Apps are written in Java, which is our preferred programming language, we have experience of developing in for over a decade. Over the past few months we have been writing Java code to work... 10-09-2012 0:00:00 Google Site Maps Google site maps are a way of gaining more influence over how Google sees your website. Read more about what Google says about site maps here. We have now introduced XML site maps in... 08-07-2012 0:00:00 Google Maps The link entitled map on your contact us page now links to Google Maps rather than... 18-05-2012 0:00:00 Multiple Images for Products A modification to Virtual Seller has been made to enable you to have multiple images for a product. You can create a gallery for a product and add as many images as you like in. You can then... 28-04-2012 0:00:00 Webserver Upgrade Due to the increasing number of websites being hosted on the Virtual Venture webserver we have upgraded the server to maintain and improve performance. The amount of RAM memory in the... 14-09-2011 0:00:00 New User Statistics We have now added a link from our Statistics page to a new User Statistics page where you can see what your registered customers are looking at. This could help with determining which news... 05-07-2011 0:00:00 Referer Statistics Report Added A new report added that shows Rreferers by Popularity. This shows from where users have clicked through to your site. So it will show how many come from Google or or other... 23-05-2011 0:00:00 Daily Visitor Statistics Report Added A new report showing a daily bar graph of unique IP addresses (Visitors) accessing a website have been provided. It is available for This Month and Last Month on a rolling basis. You can... 16-05-2011 0:00:00 Daily Blog Statistics A report giving a daily analysis of uniques to an individual blog has been added. This gives a good indication of how many people are reading a particular blog on a daily... 04-05-2011 0:00:00 More Statistics Reports We've added three new reports in Statistics from your Control Panel. If you have galleries on your website you can see which are the most popular galleries and if you have blogs which are the most... 20-04-2011 0:00:00 Blogs We have now added Blog functionality. This enables you to have one or more blogs on your website. This can be controlled so you only allow (possibly third party) individuals writing the blog to only... 17-04-2011 0:00:00 Old Web Server Since all domain names are now pointing at the new web server the old web server has now been turned... 07-04-2011 0:00:00 New Webserver The new web server is now live. Changes may take up to 24 hours to filter through. The IP address of the new web server is If your website has not... 27-03-2011 0:00:00 New Statistics Reports A number of new Year to Date (YTD) statistics reports have been written to allow you to analyse in greater detail traffic to your website. The reports are: Pages by Popularity YTD (Summary) Site... 24-03-2011 0:00:00 Site Details Interface Improved The Site Details program accessed from your Control Panel was getting to be a bit cubersome due to the number of fields. The program has now been modified so there are 'tab like' links across the top... 22-03-2011 0:00:00 IMPORTANT: New Webserver It has become necessary to move all Virtual Venture websites onto a new web server due to a lack of disk space available on the old web server. The new server will have approximately ten times more... 19-03-2011 0:00:00 Bounced Email Address A new field has been added to Site Details allowing you to specify which email address non delivery messages go to when the bulk email facility/system attempts to email a registered user with an... 15-03-2011 0:00:00 RSS Feed Added We have added RSS feed functionality so that any news items added to your website will also be added to an RSS feed. This means people can keep in touch more easily with you as their PC, iPhone... 08-03-2011 0:00:00 User Import The user import has been modified so that it can not only be used to take on data for new users but also to update an existing users data. Users can be coded with a group code and emails... 05-03-2011 0:00:00 Customer Import Log On Benefit+ sites a customer log has been added so that all changes to a customers points, whether they be from imports, puchasing goods or from automatic updates, are logged in the... 04-03-2011 0:00:00 Enquiries Export An enquiries export is now available that enables you to export details, of those who have filled in your 'contact us' form on your website, in Excel format. You can then import... 03-03-2011 0:00:00 User Export The user export in Excel format has been modified to include full address... 03-03-2011 0:00:00 Import Procedure Enhanced All imports, users, customers, products and organisations have been improved greatly from the point of view of validation. The import program is now much more stringent in its checking of... 03-03-2011 0:00:00 Product Export and Import Virtual Seller customers can now export their products from the website database in Excel format. They can then, for example, edit product prices in Excel and then import them back into the website... 01-03-2011 0:00:00 Delivery Charge Matrix Enhanced Delivery Charge matrix enhanced so delivery charges can be applied at individual product level within a quantity matrix. This means you can group products into a charge group and apply a different... 14-02-2011 0:00:00 Invoice Export Invoice Export As well as being able to print invoices from your Virtual Seller system you can now export them in Excel format for easy entry into your accounts... 14-02-2011 0:00:00 Colour Configurator Colour Configurator has now been added to Virtual Seller allowing for searches and selections of products by... 12-02-2011 0:00:00 Size Configurator Size Configurator has now added allowing for adding of size availability on a... 14-12-2010 0:00:00 Enhancements made prior to 12.12.2010 We are continually enhancing Virtual Venture and our customers automatically get these enhancements free of any additional charge. Below is a list of enhancement added prior to the development of the... 12-12-2010 0:00:00