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Why Choose Us?

The most significant benefit is that you get a system that would cost tens of thousands of pounds as a bespoke solution, for a fraction of the cost. The Virtual Venture solution took over 400 man days to develop and test. The average price per day charged by a web design company is around 300 (about the same as a main dealer garage and cheaper than a plumber). We'll leave you to do the maths1.

But cost is not the only benefit:

  • When enhancements are applied you get them free of additional charge*
  • The software is maintained for you
  • Any errors in the system will be fixed free of additional charge
  • The solution has already been well thought out
  • The software grows with your requirements  
  • The software is developed to a professional standard rather your budget
  • The software is priced to your budget not to the professional standard 
  • There is an attention to detail seldom found in bespoke systems

We design our websites with accessibility in mind and with regard to the Disability Discrimination Act (1995).

1 400 days at 300 per day is 120,000

* In some cases a small styling/integration charge may apply

What you get with your CMS
As of 24.5.2011 418 is the total number of man days that have been spent developing the Virtual Venture solution. At £300 per day that's £125,400 worth of solution!
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