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Creating & Updating Pages

The system enables you to create and update pages on your website that are specific to your website. So, if you wanted to create a page to display staff photos then this can be simply accomplished.

When you create a page you can also decide whether it is going to be an Intranet page (a private page). Users cannot see unless they have the 'Access Intranet' privilege set by a manager of the website.

You can update the text and images on these pages using ergonomically designed software. Note the CMS rich text editor on the web page below. The icons that enable you to embolden, align left or right, underline etc. should be familiar to those who have used word processing software.


What you get with your CMS
As of 24.5.2011 418 is the total number of man days that have been spent developing the Virtual Venture solution. At £300 per day that's £125,400 worth of solution!
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