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Bulk Emailing

Once the system has collected (hopefully several thousand) email addresses it is then possible to email users with information or details of offers or events. You can use the page below to do this.

You can email all users or managers of the website or you can select a specific user to email to.

This email collection system is distinctly different to simply collecting email addresses by hand and entering them into an email group in perhaps Microsoft Outlook. This emailing list is self-maintaining. You may send an email to 2000 people on one day, go on holiday for two weeks, come back and the next email you send may go to 2500 people.

However, it should be noted how successful this will be will largely be down to how effectively you use conventional marketing techniques to publicise the website.

So what will the recipients of the email see? They get an attractive HTML email. Note that the email will be personally addressed to them as in 'Dear Mark'.

What you get with your CMS
As of 24.5.2011 418 is the total number of man days that have been spent developing the Virtual Venture solution. At £300 per day that's £125,400 worth of solution!
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