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Link Building (to improve your page ranking)

As you may be aware link building is essential to the success of your website. One of Google's innovations when it was first created was its page ranking system. The basic concept is simple though its implementation is highly complex. See for further information.

Essentially the more websites that link to you the higher page ranking you will have and the more likely you will be to be displayed high up the list in a Google search. It is more complex than that in practice. Factors such as whether the website that links to you has a high page ranking itself and what the website that links to you is about are also important factors.

So getting links from other websites is a good thing. However the owner of a website that links to you will generally want you to return the favour. We provide a page as below in order for you to do this:

To add a link you simply enter the website address, with or without the http://www/ bit. The system is intelligent enough to add it on for you. Then enter the name of the organisation and click the add button.

It is not shown here but the system also can be configured so that you can add an image, normally the company logo, next to the link.

It should be noted it is fairly unlikely that many people will ever click through onto someone else's website from a link on your website. This means exchanging links with your competition is a good idea. It will improve the page ranking of both your websites but not other organisations that have not taken this leap of faith.
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