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About Us

The Virtual Venture solution was conceived as a concept in 2005 and was completed in 2006. The main objectives were to provide a solution that is:

  • Flexible
  • Functionally Rich 
  • Elegant & Stylish 
  • Easily maintained by the customer (you can change text or add news!)
Additionally the package would provide the customer with telephone support, maintenance and enhancments free of additional charge.

The software we developed is innovative and not be confused with companies who offer a template based solution. Our software is inherently better and conceptually distinct, a characteristic that has led it to win a De Monfort University Business Initiative Award in 2007.

We also wanted to adopt a more professional and ethical approach to delivering products and services through this relatively fledgling industry. See Our Commitment to learn more.
Virtual Venture Limited is managed at Director level by Mark Cooper (Managing Director). We employ graphic designers, sales professional and programmers on a casual basis and have strong alliances with out business partners. 

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What you get with your CMS
As of 24.5.2011 418 is the total number of man days that have been spent developing the Virtual Venture solution. At £300 per day that's £125,400 worth of solution!
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