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IMPORTANT: New Webserver
It has become necessary to move all Virtual Venture websites onto a new web server due to a lack of disk space available on the old web server. The new server will have approximately ten times more useable disk space and also more RAM and a faster processor. Initial tests indicate that intensive processes appear to run about twice as fast though general response times will largely be dependent on the speed of your Internet connection.
The switch to the new server will take place on Sunday 27 March 2011 and you should read the below carefully as otherwise your website could be adversely affected. Please note your email CANNOT be affected by these changes as your email is on a different server.
  1. At 9.00 a.m. on Sunday 27 March the process of moving uploaded files from the old server to the new server will commence. Do NOT upload any files or make any other website changes after this point as they may not be copied across.  
  2. At 4.00 p.m. the old server will be turned off and the database copied across to the new server.
  3. At 4.30 p.m. the old server will be turned back on again. Your website will be accessible again but any statistical information or transactional data changes will not be reflected once the switch to the new server is complete. So, for example, you will still see any enquiries come through via email but they will NOT be reflected in the statistics enquiries once your website is pointing at the new server.  
  4. At 5.00 p.m. the new server will be activated and the process of pointing websites at the new server will commence. This will take an hour or two but it may well be 24 hours before the change propagates throughout the Internet. 
  5. Please note, if we have your login details for your control panel (probably Virtual Names or 123Reg ) then we will carry out the necessary changes for you. If you have changed your password and not notified us (you are not obliged to do so, it's your domain) then we will not have it.

    PLEASE NOTE: The login details we refer to are NOT the same as the Virtual Venture login and password you use to change text on pages on your website - it is a different one - for Virtual Names it will be an account/user name starting UKS followed by 5 numbers. If we do not have these login details we CANNOT point your website at the new server. You can either provide us with the login details so we can carry out the change for you or you can instruct whoever manages your domain to do the following:

    At present your domain will have an 'A' record for 'www' pointing at the old server IP address This will have to be changed to point at the new server IP address which is You don't have to understand these instructions, just send them to whoever manages your domain.  
  6. Once it has been verified that all websites are pointing at the new server then the old server will be turned off. You can verify that your website is pointing at the new server by: clicking on 'Start' or the Windows logo in Windows 7, then click on 'All Programs' then 'Accessories' and then 'Command Prompt'. Then type 'ping www.yourdomainname' and return. So to check the Virtual Venture (the .org one rather than domain you would type 'ping'. The reply you get back should be from (the new server, as is already on the new server). Once you have verified this for your own domain then you can upload files and make changes again.  
Needless to say, if in any doubt, ring Mark on 07887 920979. Send him a text, not an email, if you get an engaged tone!
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