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Enhancements made prior to 12.12.2010

We are continually enhancing Virtual Venture and our customers automatically get these enhancements free of any additional charge. Below is a list of enhancement added prior to the development of the RSS feed.

Click future enhancements for details of future work.


Blog Functionality has now been added so that people within your organisation can keep up to date with any training courses etc. that they have recently been on or for whatever purpose you like. One or more individuals within your organisation can write their own blog which will be displayed on your website. 


Keywords Meta tag field has been added to the Site Page. Note that despite many people being of the opinion that this is important Google are on record as saying they ignore it. It has been added only to satisfy customers who state it as a requirement because they have been misled by less professional SEO Consultants.


Description Tag field has been added to the Site Page so it can be set individually for each page. Previously page title defaulted to the site description.


Page Title field has been added to the Site Page. Previously page title defaulted to the page name but can now be entered specifically for each page. Page title is the blue headline in Google. 


Delivery Charge Matrix has been developed. This allows the online retailer to group sets of products together with a Delivery Charge Code. An appropraite delivery charge can be applied with the group based on quantity or weight.
For example. If 1 DVD is ordered then a standard charge of 2.50 may apply. Whereas if they order between 2 and 20 a charge of 7.50 may apply. This would be determined by the Delivery Charge Matrix for the products Delivery Charge Code.
Delivery Charge Codes can be applied to more than one product so it would also work if they ordered 5 DVDs and 5 paperbacks the matrix would still apply correctly to calculate an appropriate delivery charge.


Pop up Calendar has been added to all date fields. The calendar will default to today's date if no date is entered and allow the user to select from the calendar one month in the past and one year into the future. If a date has already been entered it will default to that date and allow the user to select one month in the past and one year into the future. The date can still be entered manually.


Mandatory Login Facility has been added to completely block access to a site (even the Home Page unless logged in).


New Director Appointed Athena Savage has been appointed as a director strengthening the Virtual Venture team.


An Events Management System has been added to the Virtual Venture portfolio of products. Providing E-Invitation and E-Registration with bulk email facility to send reminders to non registered invitees or provide information to registered delegates. The system produces reports of delegates, flight transfer lists (inbound and outbound), credit card lists, hotel booking lists and much more via a user friendly Excel interface.


Password and Basic Detail Reset A more user friendly method of resetting a user password or updating an email address has been provided. Select the lock icon from Users on your control panel.


Manager Only Option on Navigation An option has been added in order that it may specified whether a main navigation link can only be seen and accessed by a website manager.


Webserver Memory Increase The memory on the webserver that Virtual Venture websites are hosted on has been increased four fold. This should address recent problems with speed of response and early indications seem to indicate a significant improvement.


Internet Explorer Support Please click here for details of Microsoft's IE support. Please note Microsoft appear to be indicating that the latest support date published for IE6 is 13.07.2010.


Optimization to Statistic Reporting The initial screen load was shown to have increased five fold after optimization


Third level added to product type Within the online retailing product you can now define up to three levels of product category. e.g. Electrical -> TVs -> Plasma TVs.


Delete option added in Enquiries The original thinking was that no delete option should be provided as there should be a permanent record of any enquiry made through the contact us form. However, due to the large number of automated robots searching for contact us pages and filling them in (spam) the delete option has been added so that the offending enquiries can be removed. This means that the statistics report reflects accurately the number of genuine enquiries.


Preview button added to Site Pages In Site Pages you will now see an Internet Explorer  icon which will enter your page in a new window. The user interface was WYSIWYG anyway but this preview allows you to see the page in the context of your website.


Contact Us Parameters added The link to the contact us page has been enchanced so that the message can be autopopulated. Use contactus?message=Your message in the link box to use this. You can also add &subject=Your message subject to alter the subject of the email you receive or also add &confirmation=Name of a Page so that after submitting their enquiry it shows this page.


Virtual Seller developed for Pirelli to power their online Rewards site. With Pirelli their customers pay for goods with points they've earned but alongside was developed the ability to pay with credit/debit cards. So Virtual Venture's portfolio of products now includes an online retailing system.


Virtual College developed for the WEA to provide a solution for colleges who have a requirement to maintain details of the courses they offer online.


Group Feature added to bulk email facility which enabled the user to bulk email a specific group of users.


Menu Trail added to enable the user to see more clearly where they are in the menu structure.


Three Level Sub Menus added to cater for expanded sub menu navigation.


Export Function added to the control panel so you can export data from your database in Excel format to integrate with your non web based systems.


Preview Button added in News maintenance to enable the user to preview inactive news articles prior to setting live.


Bulk Emaling  enhanced to allow a test email to be sent and the ability to bulk email a specific group of recipients.


News Feature added.  An additional feature added to complement the News Extra feature.  This feature being a full length news facility enabling larger news items with associated images.  It auto archives and headlines can be displayed on the home page or other pages in your website.


Gallery functionality added.  The website manager can create as many galleries as required and also set up sub galleries within galleries. The image width and height can be set and the software will automatically resize images for you. A template can be applied to automatically frame the image for you.


Accessibility functionality enhanced to provide almost limitless variations of font type, colour and backround simply by setting a link that the user can click on.


New User Notification added so that when a new user registers on your website an email is sent to a designated email address.


Statistics graphs modifed to show Predicted Values


Organisation  functionality added.  The website manager can import a list of organisation details from an Excel or CSV file. These can then be searched/browsed by users of the website in various orders. 


Auto Logout  for increased security. The website manager can set the number of seconds a user can be logged in for before they are automatically logged out if there is no activity.  Caters for the situation when a website manager who can edit content logs in and then leaves their PC unattended.


Events  functionality has been added so that managers of the website can easily enter a title, date and location of relevant events.  Users of the website can then easily access forthcoming events in date or event name order and optionally view the archives for a touch of nostalgia.


A Discussion Forum has been added so that users registered on the website can post their view on issues that effect them.  This is can be a private forum for use by customer staff only.


An enhancement has made so the user can edit the Description Metatagthat is used for display purposes by some search engines. This is also advantageous to optimisation and ideally the description should contain relevent keywords.


An enhancement has been added to the Statistics Module so that a graphical analysis of donations aborted or confirmed can be viewed.


An Payment Module has been added that allows a customer make a payment.


An enhancement has been added to the Statistics Module so that a graphical analysis of payments aborted or confirmed can be viewed.


Statistics Module has been added so that you can view a monthly graphical analysis of the number of visitors, page requests, enquiries, users registered and users who logged in.


Google Search facility has been added so that users of your website can search for pages that match their search criteria. 


An Accessibility Stylesheet  has been provided. The user of the website now has the option of displaying the website using a large font, high constrast stylesheet. This option has been added with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 in mind.

This is of great importance for all. Even small businesses are subject to the DDA as well as bodies such as councils, schools and charities.

The International Olympic Commitee was fined under similar legislation, see Website acessibility is now getting serious in the USA . In time we expect legal predecent to influence compliance.


Enhanced Order Selection. The ordering of items throughout the system has been enhanced with an additional option to order by clicking on a column title. The original option of drop down boxes remains but we believe this new enhancement will enable users to order what they are viewing more quickly and easily. 


Minimum Subscribe Option added so that a minimum number of days that a user has to be subscribed for can be entered in the Site Details option on your Control Panel. If a user attempts to unsubscribe before the specified number of days has elapsed since they created their login then the attempt is disallowed. You need to state this in your terms.


Dynamic News Extra feature modified so that it now displays a random item and then cycles through the list; rather than starting from item one each time the page is refreshed.


Automatic Email now sent advising a user that they have Intranet Access when their user is given privilege to access the Intranet.


Dynamic News Extra feature added enabling managers of the website to create a dynamic news feature to appear on their website. News Extra items can be activated or deactivated (rather than deleted) by the website manager. Ultimately a catalogue of News Extra items is created from which the website manager can select.

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